SenseGarden Home

The SENSE-GARDEN Home proposal is built on the AAL-funded project SENSE-GARDEN (AAL/Call2016/054-b/2017), that has already successful outcomes for the persons with dementia and their families. This project will test a simpler release of the system but keeping the same concept, with the added-value of total portability and a plug and-play installation specifically targeting the home market.

While the SENSE-GARDEN room setup is meant to be for care organizations, the SENSE-GARDEN Home is a compact system that could fit in a suitcase that can be carried around and installed easily in a dementia daycare center or even at people's homes. We can bring the SENSE-GARDEN experience at your home in three easy steps:
1: Answering the ALMA (Art of Life Memory Album) questionnaire
2: Presenting this kind of content in the media player mini PC
3: Answering a chart with smileys to show how the session went

Main objective and vision of the project is to rapidly evaluate the business potential of an available AAL product in a portable concept. We want to see if less is more and if we can bring the SENSE GARDEN to people's homes.
The SENSE-GARDEN Home project aims at creating garden-like spaces, virtual and automatically adaptable to personal memories. Spaces that create awareness in older people with dementia by providing stimuli to the different senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, balance and smell, leading to a re-connection with the reality around.

The SENSE GARDEN Home solution proposed is based on existing platforms and products and creates an integration package that addresses the needs and wishes of a wide range of seniors. The project aims to extend the time older people can live independently in their home environment, increase their autonomy, keep them connected in the social life and prevention of diseases. Our innovative ways to design the SENSE GARDEN Home ICT platform for health care will contribute to individual wellbeing and increase the quality of life, and achieve improved public health and sustainable health services in general.

Project Information
  • Category: EU funded project
  • Partners:

    e-Point, INT, NTNU

  • Duration: 9 months