RecoveryFun is a new modular solution for a proactive, integrated, personalized home rehabilitation management, leveraging current technological trends in the domains of Virtual Reality, IoT connectivity and Artificial intelligence.

The solution, addressed primarily upper limb rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation,
and is composed by:

• A set of exergames for people with rehabilitation needs based on VR technology.
• A digital health record management platform for clinicians, to manage patients’ profiles, define personalized rehab plans and conduct remote visits via teleconferencing.
• An IoT connected ecosystem, integrating innovative medical hardware for monitoring real-time biosignals of the users.
• A mobile App for non-professional caregivers, that allows them to monitor the rehabilitation plan of their relatives and provide motivation to the patients via meaningful (in-game)
interactions and feedback.
• A set of smart and intelligent services generated thanks to the data gathered by the hardware components of the system. These services allow a further personalization of the rehabilitation experience and improve clinicians activity via a Smart Dashboard and a clinical Decision Support System

RecoveryFun ambition is to enhance rehabilitation opportunities for people with chronic health conditions that today are receiving sub-optimal care. Our proposal goes beyond a disease-centered approach, and addresses also frailty prevention. Indeed, increasing the level of activities of older adults is the most effective strategy for improving the health profile of the communities, thanks to
the reduction of frailty states in the older adults’ population.

Our solution represents a radical innovation of the  service model. RecoveryFun is the concept of an innovative tele-rehabilitation solution which combines
a) VR based exergames,
b) IoT devices for remote monitoring
c) smart algorithms for delivering personalized rehabilitative care for older adults.

Leveraging the telehealth paradigm and increasing the possibility for seniors to perform remotely supervised home-rehabilitation, RecoveryFun will provide a cost-effective solution for clinics interested in expanding their services in the home care setting.

The comparative advantages of RecoveryFun over existing solution. A lot of existing technologies
have not yet been clinically validated and/ or the testing is mostly limited to a functional test. The needs of staff and patients are largely ignored and the interoperability with the clinical infrastructures is not yet provided.

This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, CCCDI - UEFISCDI and of the AAL Programme with co-funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Project Information
  • Category: EU Funded Project - Rehabilitation
  • Partners:

    INRCA, Unmatched, iHomeLab, Zurzach Care, Tech4Care, TrainM

  • Duration: 30 months
  • Website: